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In my opinion, until you've had to make a decorative reward chart detailing the place and frequency of your first-grader's kerplunkens, blown repeatedly on the surface of an ice cream cone to "warm it up" (in 100 degree heat) so your child will deign to take a lick, or made a nosy and autism-ignorant adult bully cry using only your words, you haven't really lived.

And that's just a regular Tuesday.

As an ASD parent, I am at once a complete idiot adrift in a changeable sea of mystery and an encylopedic savant who has seen everything in the world. On a regular basis I am called upon to employ the skills of the following (and not just for my own personal clan, but for my people, all the other idiots out there fighting the same fight):
--behavioral therapist
--music therapist
--specialist in DAPE, OT, PT, ABA, CSG, CDCSG, CARS, ECSE, DHS, SSD, PECS, CFGF, ADHD, IDEA, IEPs and occasionally EMT. OMG, WTF?
--grant writer
--empirical scientist
--medical researcher
--research librarian
--speech pathologist
--motivational speaker
--help desk manager
--court reporter
--adaptive technologist
--private investigator
--Toe whisperer
--boo boo fixer
--doodie coach

Really, the list goes on and on.  It will bore you to tears, if you haven't already toggled over to Boing Boing or Pinterest for something with more shizzle already. if you aren't someone with an email question waiting in my inbox or a person on my callsheet, this may be absolutely no interest to you at all.  But it has been pointed out to me painfully and frequently that we autism parents are all such idiots as this...and as such we are sorely in need of a guide.

And I'm going to write it.

I know, I know. With everything else I have to do, why would I even try?

Here's why: the estimated 69.5 million of these in the world, and those of us who love them:


Ms. Alissa
02/24/2012 5:58pm

You go girl!!! You would be awesome to write the the guide-- throw in some "Tovisms" and you would be all set! :) You rock momma!!

05/23/2015 7:25am

I am proud of such people who despite all difficulties continue to go forward and to achieve progress in their beginings. Every year I see more and more such kind of people.

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