So just in the last few months "science" news has said that autism is caused by a gene, an anti-depressant, a plastic, a vitamin deficiency, fever, electronic devices, heavy metals, older parents, vaccines (again--thank you, stripper mom for autism Jenny McCarthy, this one will never die), gluten, antibiotics, cow milk protein, and prematurity (to name a scant few theories). Yes, basically the same old group of people talking the same old nonsense and still in need of a beating with the cluestick.

Science now also wants us to know they now believe austism makes a person highly unlikely to believe in God.

And all God's people said, "Hmmmmph!" (and some other things which are mostly swears and don't really reflect well on God's people, so I will omit them here).

Listen. I have 2 (T-W-O) autistic children and I can tell you this: I never ingested any of the suspected autism culprits while my buns were in the oven, I didn't suck on heavy metals or BPA plastics (well not any more than the average pregger) or have a cell phone strapped to my head 24/7, 34 ain't old and there isn't an autistic kid or neurological birth defect in my genepool all the way back to the Laplanders. If there is a scientific reason my kids have ASDs, well you haven't found it yet. Keep looking. I'd start with Pepsi products, though I can't say why.

And as for God. There's not a study in the world that can measure the purity in the heart of a child, nor see the tiny little ember within it that burns only to love and grow up in the great truth of Christ.

Toe, 7, (who as autistic is also believed by scientists to likely "not understand abstract concepts") said the following on Easter 2012 while sitting in a swing alone and talking to his chocolate bunny:

Hey, Easter Bunny, do you know what Easter is really about? It's about God who made the world and everything in it--like people and animals and stuff--and how he made the darkness and the light, and he separated the darkness from the light, and he said the light was good. And Jesus was the light, the best part of everything, and he's the King of Easter. so that's about it, but I still like you.

Science, sometimes you"re really wrong and you really suck. But I still like you.



06/27/2013 10:17pm

Love this!

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