Toe with his most recent accolade and an enormous "Sonic Dollar" (real world value about equivalent to unsolicited advice)
Toe's about to kick the first grade to the curb and he's done well there. He has as many awards as Mark Zuckerberg has lawsuits against him, although both these young men have gotten equally big for their britches if you ask me. Large brains and alotta lip in fancypants sneakers: that's what Toe and Mark have in common.

Of course Toe had a whole team of people who helped him stretch his legs in the rat race of grammar school. They put the "battle" in "Battle Creek" and we heart them all:

Ms. Alissa runs the show and always goes that extra mile for her students. Her classroom luncheon dates with Toe, $94 bills and ability to bounce are legendary, she knows just how to control a beast with a snuggly hug or a stern teachery frown, and according to Toe she always "keeps the growl of the hungry bear quiet" in his belly. Thanks to her and Ms. Annie, Ms. Vi, Mr. Ty, Ms. Shannon, Ms. Laura, Ms. Woods, Mr. JT, Ms. Erickson and Dr. Wilson (who posseses a  genteel English voice and magical ability to quiet 300 kids with the ballet-like raising of a single finger)...just to name a few of Toe's BCE BFFs.

Well done! Second grade, here we come!
Toe, the shortest, palest, pinkest honoree of the day, walks with a rockin' step toward the future


06/06/2012 2:26pm

Did that sweatshirt start out pink or did BCD do that?

06/08/2012 2:28pm

Toe has more pink in his closet tan Nori, yo. For realsies!

06/27/2013 10:14pm

I must say this is too cute! I remember this day vividly.. oh how I have missed my Tovi!!

05/21/2015 6:17am

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